Large Scale Art in Public Places

The accumulation of my work experience, exploration, research and study over the past 40+ years has led me to confront and aim for my next big challenge.

In 2009, I was approached to create and paint five 8 X 10 foot oil paintings, each devoted to the stories of the men and women of each branch of the US military. This project has challenged me in every way, and is truly the honor of my career to date.  With three of the five completed and installed at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery Committal Hall, I remain focused on finishing the Marine Corps and Air Force.

My involvement in multiple large-scale public art projects includes 10+ frescoes (including a domed ceiling—truly living the “Renaissance life”). All blend artistic imagery and storytelling. Through public art I work to ensure that they are not merely “pictures on a wall”, but that they serve as an educational tool. Historical, religious, regional, mythological and educational subject matter have all been tackled.

In addition to several frescoes in Minnesota, including two in my hometown of Little Falls, MN, I have worked on frescoes in North Carolina and Italy. I was principal associate artist on nine of the frescoes created by my friend and artist Benjamin Long, whose storied career includes creating all the North Carolina frescoes highlighted here: Benjamin Long Fresco Trail.

Large-scale public art projects remind me of the need to continue the tradition of allegorical storytelling–ensuring that artwork remains a valued, valuable means of communication–as it has been, and must be– for centuries.