Classically trained at the private studio of Madame Nerina Simi in Florence, Italy,  Charles Gilbert Kapsner learned to use the compositional tools of the Renaissance to express himself an artist.

For him, perfecting the drawing is critical before ever picking up a brush. Primarily a studio painter with a tilt towards still life, he prefers painting in the “Vanitas” style, where the objects depicted symbolize the brevity and vanity of human existence. Apart from these, he works primarily from life, and his old-world style is laced with creative and modern twists: exotic florals, still lifes spiked with social commentary, elegant dancers juxtaposed with modern backdrops. Beyond his studio, he has worked on several public commissions, including the art of true fresco, and is currently immersed in the fourth of five 8 X 10 ft. oil paintings that illustrate the stories and history of the men and women of each of the five branches of the U.S military. Kapsner is a contemporary painter whose roots are firmly planted in the 15th century.


He  is a disciplined painter who remains focused on keeping my work progressive, relevant and challenging.

Since 2009, a large-scale commission for the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery has consumed much “in studio” time and includes five 8 X 10 foot oil paintings —depicting each of the five branches of the US military and ultimately installed in the Committal Hall. The Army,  Navy and Coast Guard were installed in 2011, 2014 and 2016, respectively.  Each painting visually conveys the history and stories of the men and women of each branch of the military, and uses live models, incorporates period military uniforms, and historical elements. They are about the Veterans who serve our country. It is their story. Click Vets Art for more on this compelling project.


His work has been featured in Minnesota Monthly, Classical Realism Journal, American Art Collector, Biennale Internazionale dell’ARTE Contemporanea, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Twin Cities Public Television’s NewsNight Minnesota and KSTP’s “On the Road with Jason Davis.”